International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury

2016 IRCOBI Conference Proceedings

14 – 16 September 2016 – Malaga (Spain)

International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury

Table of Contents

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Bertil Aldman Memorial Lecture
IRC-16-01 Saving Lives with Safer Cars: The Past, Present and Future of Consumer Safety Ratings
M van Ratingen
Sessions S1-1 / S1-2 – Accident Analysis / Injury Epidemiology
IRC-16-10 An overview of injured bicyclists in traffic accidents: analysis of traffic accident database in Latvia for the period 2010–2014
A Bukova-Zideluna, A Villerusa, A Lama
IRC-16-11 Powered Two-Wheeler Accidents in Germany with Severe Injury Outcome - Accident Scenarios, Injury - Sources and Potential Countermeasures
R Fredriksson, B Sui
IRC-16-12 Can a Small Number of Pedestrian Impact Scenarios Represent the Range of Real‐world Pedestrian Injuries?
G Li, D Otte, J Yang, C Simms
IRC-16-13 Short communication: Vulnerable Road User Accidents in India
J Shaikh, R Fredriksson
IRC-16-14 Risk estimation for different precrash factors in run-off road crashes in curves
T Karlsson, M Lindman, B Svanberg, Z Katibeh
IRC-16-15 Characteristics of future crashes in Sweden – identifying road safety challenges in 2020 and 2030
J Strandroth, P Nilsson, S Sternlund, M Rizzi, M Krafft
IRC-16-16 Investigating a Relationship Between Standardised Crash Classification and Occupant Kinematics in Real‐World Frontal Crashes
R Rudd
IRC-16-17 Short communication: Causes of Accidental Injury Leading to Hospitalization in Sweden presented by Age and Gender for the years 2001 - 2014
K Brolin
IRC-16-18 Short communication: Correlation between AIS-coded injury severity and injury severity classified by the NACA score
K-U Schmitt, K Furter, M Muser
IRC-16-19 Short communication: Estimation of the number of seriously injured road traffic casualties in Germany based on GIDAS, using a decision tree method and the TraumaRegister DGU®
S Niesen, K Auerbach, M Lerner, C Pastor, A Schepers, M Wisch, R Lefering, A Malczyk, U Schmucker
IRC-16-20 Short communication: Relation between Secondary Impact Velocity and Behaviour of Longitudinal-Seat Passenger in Railway Collisions
D Suzuki, K Nakai, S Enami, R Palacin
Session S1-3 – Spinal Injury
IRC-16-21 Analysis of whiplash associated disorder claims using real‐world data retrieved from event data recorders: a case-control study
B Jordan, K-U Schmitt, D Butzer, B Zahnd
IRC-16-22 Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries in Car Crashes
L Jakobsson, M Bjorklund, A Westerlund
IRC-16-23 Investigation of Whole Spine Alignment Patterns in Automotive Seated Posture Using Upright Open MRI Systems
F Sato, M Odani, Y Miyazaki, T Nakajima, J A Makoshi, K Yamazaki, K Ono, M Svensson, J Osth, S Morikawa, S Schick, A Ferreiro Perez
IRC-16-24 Sensitive Injury Detection in the Cervical Spine Using Acoustic Emission and Continuous Wavelet Transform
J Shridharani, B Bigler, C Cox, M Ortiz‐Paparoni, C Bass
IRC-16-25 PMHS Lower Neck Load Calculation using Inverse Dynamics with Cervical Spine Kinematics and Neck Mass Properties
Y‐S Kang, J Stammen, K Moorhouse, R Herriott, J Bolte
IRC-16-26 Short communication: Mechanical characterisation of bovine intervertebral discs at a range of strain rates
N Newell, G Grigoriadis, A Christou, D Carpanen, S Masouros
IRC-16-27 Short communication: Lower Neck Injury Criteria from Post‐Mortem Human Subject Tests using an Injury Mechanism Approach
N Yoganandan, F Pintar, S Chirvi, V Chancey, B McEntire
Session S1-5 – Brain / Head Injury / Helmets
IRC-16-28 A Numerical Study on the Influence of the Upper Body and Neck on Head Kinematics in Tangential Bicycle Helmet Impact
F Feist, C Klug
IRC-16-29 The Use of Propensity Score Stratification and Synthetic Data to Address Allocation Bias when Assessing Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness
J Olivier, F Terlich
IRC-16-30 Comparison of Helmeted Head Impact in Youth and Adult Ice Hockey
A Post, S De Grau, T Ignacy, A Meehan, R Zemek, T Hoshizaki, M Gilchrist
IRC-16-31 The Association among Injury Metrics for Different Events in Ice Hockey Goaltender Impacts
J Clark, A Post, T Hoshizaki, T Hoshizaki , M Gilchrist
IRC-16-32 Dynamic Head Response and Maximum Principal Tissue Strain for Helmeted (American Football) and Non-helmeted Impacts
K Taylor, T Hoshizaki, T Hoshizaki, M Gilchrist
IRC-16-33 The Effect of Impact Compliance, Velocity, and Location in Predicting Brain Trauma for Falls in Sport
R Oeur, T Hoshizaki
Session S1-6 – Integrated Safety / Driver Behaviour
IRC-16-34 “Relaxed” HBM – an Enabler to Pre-Crash Safety System Evaluation
C Shelat, P Ghosh, R Chitteti, C Mayer
IRC-16-35 Evaluation of Frontal Impact Restraint System in Integrated Safety Scenario Using Human Body Model with PID Controlled Active Muscles
H Saito, T Matsushita, B Pipkorn, O Bostrom
IRC-16-36 Simulation of Occupant Posture Change during Autonomous Emergency Braking and Occupant Kinematics in Frontal Collision
K Yamada, M Gotoh, Y Kitagawa, T Yasuki
IRC-16-37 An Examination of Pre-crash Braking Influence on Occupant Crash Response using an Active Human Body Model
M Ostmann, L Jakobsson
IRC-16-38 Short communication: Existence or Nonexistence of Causable Injury Risk Possibility at Neck Joint by using Autonomous Braking (AB) in Subsequent Frontal‐Head Collision at Stationary State following AB Application
J Lee, J Han, H J Kim, D Lim
IRC-16-39 Short communication: Alterations of Muscle Activation and Moment Characteristics at Neck Joint due to Brake Force applied to Stationary Lead Vehicle in Low‐speed, Rear-end Collision
J Han, J Lee, H Kim, D Lim
Sessions S1-7 / S1-8 – Injury in Children / Child safety
IRC-16-40 Development of a 3‐Year‐Old Child FE Head Model, Continuously Scalable from 1.5‐ to 6‐ Year‐Old
C Giordano, S Kleiven
IRC-16-41 Side-impact simulation study to investigate the protection of older child occupants in lightweight vehicles
J Holtz, M Tress, C Sobotzik, H Johannsen, J Carroll, S Muller
IRC-16-42 Infant Eye Finite‐Element Model for Injury Analysis
J Nadarasa, C Deck, F Meyer, N Bourdet, J Raul, R Willinger
IRC-16-43 Front passenger airbag benefits for restrained forward‐facing children
F Heurlin, L Jakobsson, H Nilsson
IRC-16-44 Analysis of Chest Injuries to Child Occupants Seated in Impact Shield CRS based on Dummy tests, FE Simulations and Animal Tests
Y Han, J Ouyang, K Mizuno, A Cang
IRC-16-45 Short communication: Sensitivity of the Q‐Series Abdominal Pressure Twin Sensors to loading type and position in dynamic restraint system loading tests
C Visvikis, J Carroll, C Klimitsch
IRC-16-46 Short communication: Parametric Study of 3‐Year‐Olds in a Child Restraint System with Harness Pretensioner and Load Limiter
E Rola
Session S1-9 – Brain / Head Injury / Helmets (ctd.)
IRC-16-47 A Biomechanical Model of Traumatic Contusional Injury Produced by Controlled Cerebrocortical Indentation in Sheep
J Dutschke, R Anderson, B Sandoz, J Finnie, J Manavis, T Nishimoto, T Morris, A Wells, R Turner, R Vink
IRC-16-48 An Explorative Study into the Mechanics of Projectile Impacts to the Head
B Stone, B Halkon, A Harland
IRC-16-49 Short communication: Upper and Lower Body Tackles in Rugby Union: the Effect on Head Kinematics
G Tierney, J Lawler, C Simms
IRC-16-50 Short communication: A Numerical Approach for the Optimisation of a Composite Chin Bar for Protection against Basilar Skull Fracture
S Khosroshahi, M Ghajari, U Galvanetto
IRC-16-51 Short communication: Understanding Clinical Snow Sport Head Injury and Design of a Relevant Helmet Testing Apparatus
C Stuart, L Yau, R Yip, J Brubacher, P Cripton
IRC-16-52 Short communication: A New Helmet‐liner Design for Improved Survivability
A Roseveare, D Plant, M Ghajari
Session S1-10 – Spinal Injury (ctd.)
IRC-16-53 Simulation Method for Whiplash Injury Prediction Using an Active Human Model
J Broos, R Meijer
IRC-16-54 A Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Inverted Drop Test Methods on PMHS Spine Response
G Mattos, R Grzebieta
IRC-16-55 Short communication: Investigation of a Local Absorption Energy Criterion for Skull Impacts through Subject-specific Finite Element Head Modelling
D De Kegel, A Monea, F Dewinter, N Famaey,J Vander Sloten
IRC-16-56 Short communication: A Potential Whiplash Mechanism for Cerebral Concussion
B Elkin, G Siegmund
IRC-16-57 Short communication: A Model of a Wheelchair Head Restraint to Reduce the Risk of Whiplash
C Young, J Tiernan, G Bertocci, C Simms
IRC-16-58 Short communication: Assessment of the Influencing parameters on the Kinematic Behaviour of the BioRID‐II Anthropometric Test Device (ATD) by Analysing Seat Design Parameters Tested by the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP)
R Lechner, I Hailer, S Horion, H Steffan
Session S2-1 – Blast Injury
IRC-16-59 Shock‐wave interaction with reduced‐scale simplified torso surrogates
J Boutillier, S De Mezzo, C Deck, L Ehrhardt, P Magnan, P Naz, R Willinger
IRC-16-60 Understanding the Brain Injury Mechanisms of Primary Blast Exposure
K Rafaels, A DiLeonardi, C Bass
IRC-16-61 Short communication: Characterisation of Brain Tissue at High Strain Rates
R Pangonis, M Ghajari, D Sharp
IRC-16-62 Short communication: Drug Treatment Prevents Primary Blast‐induced Deficit in Long‐term Potentiation in Rat Brain Slice Cultures
E Vogel, C Bass, D Meaney, B Morrison
IRC-16-63 Short communication: A Finite Element Model of the Foot and Ankle for Prediction of Injury in Under‐Body Blast
G Grigoriadis, D Carpanen, A Bull, S Masouros
Session S2-2 – Vulnerable Road Users
IRC-16-64 Influence of the Body and Neck on Head Kinematics and Brain Injury Risk in Bicycle Accident Situations
M Fahlstedt, P Halldin, V Alvarez, S Kleiven
IRC-16-65 Proposal of a new motorcycle helmet test method for tangential impact
N Bourdet, S Mojumder, S Piantini, C Deck, M Pierini, R Willinge
IRC-16-66 Head Injury Risk Assessment in Pedestrian Impacts on Small Electric Vehicles using Coupled SUFEHM-THUMS Human Body Models Running in Different Crash Codes
P Ghosh, C Mayer, C Deck, N Bourdet, F Meyer, R Willinger, H Bensler, J Weber
IRC-16-67 Short communication: External biofidelity of Flex‐PLI compared to the THUMS pedestrian model
D Perez‐Rapela, J Forman, H Jeon, J Crandall
IRC-16-68 Short communication: Abrasion Resistance Performance of Clothing Worn by Australian Motorcyclists
L Meredith, C Hurren, E Clarke, M Fitzharris, M Baldock, L de Rome, J Olivier, J Brown
IRC-16-69 Short communication: Energy Attenuation Performance of Impact Protection for Motorcyclists
B Albanese, L Meredith, T Whyte, T Gibson, L de Rome, M Fitzharris, M Baldock, J Brown
IRC-16-70 Short communication: Assessment of Head‐Ground Impact Patterns in Real World Pedestrian‐Vehicle Collisions
F Barry, C Simms
Session S2-3 – Computer Modelling / Human Body Models
IRC-16-71 Incorporating Muscle Activation Dynamics into the Global Human Body Model
L Feller, C Kleinbach, J Fehr, S Schmitt
IRC-16-72 Analysis of Quantitative Prediction of Rib‐Fractures using Finite Element Human Body Models during Side Impacts
Y Motozawa, M Okamoto, F Mori
IRC-16-73 The Influence of Pre‐Existing Rib Fractures on GHBMC Thorax Response in Lateral Impact
L Wood Zaseck, C Chen, J Hu, M Reed, J Rupp
IRC-16-74 Robustness of Principal and Longitudinal Strains as Fracture Predictors in Side Impact
D Subit, F Möhler, J Wass, B Pipkorn
IRC-16-75 Short communication: Development of the Chinese 50th Percentile Male Human Body Model
T Du, J Chen, F Lan
IRC-16-76 Short communication: Development of a 50th Percentile Female Human Body Model
J Osth, M Mendoza‐Vazquez, M Svensson, A Linder, K Brolin
IRC-16-77 Short communication: Hierarchical Verification and Validation of Human Body Computational Models
T Eliason, J Coogan, D Nicolella
IRC-16-78 Short communication: Repositioning Study for a Motion Segment: effect of Initial Rotation
S Boakye‐Yiadom, D Cronin
IRC-16-79 Short communication: Development of Geometric Specifications for the Pelvis of a Small Female Anthropomorphic Test Device
K Klein, M Reed, J Rupp
Session S2-4 – Accident Analysis / Vehicle Technology
IRC-16-80 Reference Analytic Morphomics Population (RAMP): A Reference to Measure Occupant Variability for Crash Injury Analysis
S Wang, S Holcombe, B Derstine, R Goulson, D Grenda, J Ruan,P Rabban, N Wang, J Friedman, D Cron, B Henderson, J Sullivan, C Kohoyda‐Inglis, G Su, S Ejima, P Zhang
IRC-16-81 Crashworthiness Improvements of the Vehicle Fleet
L Gaylor, R Suarez del Fueyo, M Junge
IRC-16-82 Structural Optimisation in Vehicle Development for the current Euro NCAP side crash protocol: how to minimise the structural changes due to the current barrier stiffness and geometry
S Crespo, D Perez‐Rapela, J Roman‐Marin,F Martin‐Vazquez, J Luzon‐Narro, C Arregui‐Dalmases
IRC-16-83 Comparison of Vehicle Structure and Occupant Responses in Driver‐ and Passenger‐Side IIHS Small Overlap Frontal Crash Tests
B Mueller, J Nolan
IRC-16-84 Short communication: Compatibility Assessment: can the current ADAC MPDB test properly assess compatibility?
H Johannsen, R Thomson
Session S2-5 – Side Impacts / Computer Modelling
IRC-16-85 Study of the Kinematics of the THOR dummy in Nearside Oblique Impacts
B Pipkorn, F Lopez‐Valdes, O Juste‐Lorente, M Maza, C Sunnevang
IRC-16-86 Real Life Situations for Rear‐Seated Occupants in Far‐side Impacts
K Bohman, J Shaikh
IRC-16-87 Development and comparison of different injury risk functions predicting pelvic fractures in side impact for a Human Body Model
J Peres, S Auer, N Praxl
IRC-16-88 Comparison of Whole‐Body Kinematic Behaviour of the GHBMC Occupant Model to PMHS in Far‐Side Sled Tests
M Katagiri, J Zhao, J Kerrigan, R Kent, J Forman
IRC-16-89 Impact Response Evaluation of a Restrained Whole Human Body Finite Element Model under Far‐side 90 and 60 degree Impacts
M Arun, S Umale, J Humm, N Yoganandan, F Pintar
IRC-16-90 Short communication: Occupant‐Side Airbag–Vehicle Interaction in Side‐impact Crash Scenario Using Coupled Vehicle and Human Body Models
D Gierczycka, S Malcolm, D Cronin
IRC-16-91 Short communication: Influence of the Rib‐deflection Measurement Method on Evaluation of Side‐impact Restraint Effectiveness
D Gierczycka, S Malcolm, D Cronin
Session S2-6 – Vehicle Technology / Dummy Technology
IRC-16-92 Effects of Occupant and Vehicle Factors on Three‐Point Belt Fit in Rear Seats
J Park, S Ebert, M Reed, J Hallman
IRC-16-93 Rollover Crashworthiness of Quad Bikes and Side by Side Vehicles: A Comparative Laboratory Testing Study
R Grzebieta, G Rechnitzer, K Simmons, D Hicks
IRC-16-94 Comparison of Whole Body Response in Oblique and Full Frontal Sled Tests
S Montesinos Acosta, J Ash, D Lessley, G Shaw, S Heltzel, J Crandall
IRC-16-95 Potential Safety Effects of Low‐Mass Vehicles with Comprehensive Crash Avoidance Technology
K Klinich, C Flannagan, J Hu, M Reed
IRC-16-96 Short communication: A Novel Methodology for Evaluating Occupant Response in Low Acceleration Time‐Extended Events
T Seacrist, J Kerrigan, C Holt, S Balasubramanian, A Jordan, R Kent, K Arbogast
IRC-16-97 Short communication: Crash Impact Dummies adapted to People Affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta
L Martínez, M Reed, A García, M de Loma‐Ossorio, C Torres, A Bueno
Session S2-7 – Vulnerable Road Users (ctd.)
IRC-16-98 Development and Evaluation of the Advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor Prototype which can be Applicable to All Types of Vehicles Regardless of Bumper Height ‐ Part 1: Finite Element Model
T Isshiki, A Konosu, Y Takahashi
IRC-16-98 Development and Evaluation of the Advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor Prototype which can be Applicable to All Types of Vehicles Regardless of Bumper Height ‐ Part 2: Actual Test Tool
T Isshiki, A Konosu, Y Takahashi
IRC-16-99 Effectiveness of a Test Procedure for Pedestrian Lower Limb Protection in Pedestrians of Various Sizes
Y Takahashi, H Asanuma, I Imaizumi
IRC-16-100 Importance of Windscreen Modelling Approach for Head Injury Prediction
V Alvarez, S Kleiven
Session S2-8 – Accident Analysis / Injury Epidemiology (ctd.)
IRC-16-101 An In‐Depth Investigation into Paediatric Motorcycle and Off‐Road Vehicle Crashes
C Mulligan, M Oomens, B Albanese, S Adams, J Brown
IRC-16-102 Injury Analysis of Powered Two‐Wheeler versus Other‐Vehicle Urban Accidents
S Piantini, M Pierini, M Delogu, N Baldanzini, A Franci, M Mangini, A Peris
IRC-16-103 Short communication: Motorcyclists Crashes into Race Tracks and Normal Road Barriers: Kinematic Analysis and Correlation with Test Procedures
M Maza, J Larriba, O Juste‐Lorente, F Lopez‐Valdes
IRC-16-104 Short communication: Real World Accident Analysis of Truck Front Impact to Pedestrians
P Puthan, R Fredriksson, S Thorn, F Tornvall
Session S2-9 – Thorax Injury / Injury to the Upper Extremities
IRC-16-105 Application of Analytic Morphomics for Belted Elderly Occupants in Frontal Crashes
S Ejima, S Holcombe, P Zhang, B Derstine, R Goulson, J Williams, C Kohoyda‐Inglis, S Wang
IRC-16-106 Investigations and Injury Mechanisms of Aortic Ruptures among Vehicle Occupants and Vulnerable Road Users over Time
D Otte, T Facius, M Klintschar, S Brand
IRC-16-107 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Exemplar Equestrian Air Jacket against Crush Injuries
D Hynd, M Muirhead, J Carroll, A Barr, J Clissold
IRC-16-108 Short communication: The Aorta‐Heart System Finite Element Modelling with Fluid‐Structure Interaction Methods and Validation against Blood Hydrodynamics
W Wei, M Behr, C Kahn
IRC-16-109 Short communication: Lateral Bending Response Corridors for the 5th Rib of a 50th Percentile Male Finite Element Model
J Toczyski, D Poulard, T Fuchs, S Peldschus, J Forman
IRC-16-110 Short communication: The Risk of Injury of the Metacarpophalangeal and Interphalangeal Joints of the Hand
D Carpanen, A Kedgley, D Plant, S Masouros
Session S2-10 – Thorax Injury / Tissue Biomechanics
IRC-16-111 Effect of seatbelt and airbag loads on thoracic injury risk in frontal crashes considering average and small body sizes and age‐dependent thoracic fragility
J Antona‐Makoshi, Y Yamamoto, R Kato, S Kunitomi, A Konosu, Y Dokko, T Yasuki, T Takamiya
IRC-16-112 Short communication: Human Rib Failure Strain in Dynamic Frontal Loading at the Antero‐Lateral Location
A Agnew, Y‐S Kang
IRC-16-113 Short communication: Bone Area vs Cortical Area: Considering Intracortical Porosity When Predicting Rib Structural Properties
V Dominguez, Y‐S Kang, M Murach, N Crowe, A Agnew
IRC-16-114 Short communication: Utilization of a Novel Method for Measuring Cortical Thickness to Investigate Variation with Age in Male Human Ribs
M Murach, A Bazyk, E Misicka, Y‐S Kang, K Moorhouse, A Agnew
IRC-16-115 Short communication: Use of Digital Image Correlation to Investigate the Influence of Rate on Vertebral Body Response
H Gustafson, P Cripton
IRC-16-116 Short communication: Towards Male Specific Material Properties for Cervical Ligaments in Finite Element Human Body Models and its Validation in Functional Spine Units
P Kulavi, R Segura
IRC-16-117 Short communication: A Fiber‐based Modelling Approach of Ankle Ligaments in situ
B Nie, M Panzer, J Forman, A Mane, A Mait, J-P Donlon, R Kent


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