International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury

2015 IRCOBI Conference Proceedings

9 - 11 September 2015; Lyon (France)

International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury

Table of Contents

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Bertil Aldman Memorial Lecture
IRC-15-01 Trying to apply science to motor vehicle safety policy decision making
M Segui-Gomez
Keynote Lecture
IRC-15-02 The Centripetal Theory of Concussion (CTC) revisited after 40 years and a proposed new Symptomcentric Concept of the Concussions
T Gennarelli
Sessions S1-1 / S1-2 / S1-7: Accident analysis / Injury epidemiology
IRC-15-10 Cyclists interacting with passenger cars; a study of real world crashes
M Lindman, S Jonsson, L Jakobsson, T Karlsson, D Gustafson, A Fredriksson
IRC-15-11 Investigation of bicycle accidents involving collisions with the opening door of parking vehicles and demands for a suitable driver assistance system
M Jansch, D Otte, H Johannsen
IRC-15-12 Fatal Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) crashes in Germany - an in-depth study of the events, injuries and injury sources
R Fredriksson, B Sui
IRC-15-13 Short communication: Injury Pattern among Motorcyclists involved in Traffic Crashes
Z Hafiz Zulkipli, A Hamzah, S Mohammed, M Alwi Abdul Rahman
IRC-15-14 An Overview on Pedestrians and Cyclists Serious Injuries in Urban Accidents
S Piantini, N Baldanzini, M Pierini, M Mangini, A Franci, A Peris
IRC-15-15 Pelvic and femoral injuries in car-to-pedestrian accidents
C Klug, M Weinberger, E Tomasch, F Feist, W Sinz, H Steffan, T Kinsky, F Roth, N Praxl, B Buenger
IRC-15-16 Development of Accident Reconstruction Using In-Depth Accident Investigation Data in India
M Bhuvanesh, J Padmanaban, S Goldberger
IRC-15-17 Pedestrian Injuries in Delhi, India: Analysis of Hospital Data
H Subramanian, S Mukherjee, A Chawla, S Vakhil, M Varghese, D Mohan
IRC-15-18 Short communication: What is the Real Number of Road Traffic Crashes in Iran? A Desperate Need for a Road Traffic Crash Registry System
M Shafieian, V Rahimi-Movaghar
IRC-15-40 Injury and Damage Severity Factors in Real-World Passenger Vehicles Frontal Impacts
Z. Ahmad Noor Syukri, K. Wing, O. Mohd Rasid, S. Wong
IRC-15-41 Assessment of the efficacy of vehicle side airbags: A matched cohort study of vehicle?vehicle side collisions using the GIDAS database
L Gaylor, M Junge
IRC-15-42 Large Animal Crashes: the Significance and Challenges
L Jakobsson, M Lindman, H Carlsson, A Axelson, A Kling
Session S1-3: Vehicle Technology / Restraint Systems
IRC-15-19 Occupant restraint optimisation in frontal crash to mitigate the risk of submarining in out-of-position situation
O Richard, J Uriot, X Trosseille, M Sokolowski
IRC-15-20 Effectiveness of the Child Restraint System with a Special Airbag and Smart Seatbelt Pretensioner in Frontal Collisions
E Rola, C Rzymkowski
IRC-15-21 Assessing the Effects of Load Limiting Retractors on Occupant Motion
S Meyer, A Nelson, D Hock, J McMillin, B Herbst
IRC-15-22 Short communication: Investigation of Active Muscle Response on the Occupant-Knee Airbag Interaction in Frontal Impacts
B Nie, Xin Ye, P Riley, J Crandall, M Panzer
IRC-15-23 Short communication: Validation of Abdominal Characteristics under Lap-belt Loadings using Human Body Model Morphed to an Obese Female
J Kim, I Lee, T Kim, H Kim
Session S1-4: Brain / Head Injury / Helmets
IRC-15-24 Testing of bicycle helmets for preadolescents
C Klug, F Feist, E Tomasch
IRC-15-91 Motorcycle Helmet Impact Response at Various Levels of Severity for Different Standard Certifications
E Becker, D Anishchenko, S Palmer
IRC-15-25 Head impact conditions in case of equestrian accident
N Bourdet, R Willinger
IRC-15-26 Determining the Relationship between Linear and Rotational Acceleration and MPS for Different Magnitudes of Classified Brain Injury Risk in Ice Hockey
J Clark, A Post, T Hoshizaki, M Gilchrist
IRC-15-27 Short communication: An Assessment of a Novel Approach for Determining the Player Kinematics in Elite Rugby Union Players
G Tierney, T Krosshaug, F Wilson, K Denvir, T Wahl, M HaBayyari, M Carroll, C Simms
IRC-15-28 Short communication: Validation of a Skin-Mounted Sensor for Measuring In-Vivo Head Impacts
G Siegmund, S Bonin, J Luck, C Bass
IRC-15-29 Short communication: Brain Contusion Mechanopathogenesis: Arguments for Cortical Compression and Head Rotational Acceleration
G Musigazi, D. De Kegel, J Vander Sloten, B Depreitere
Session S1-5: Brain / Head Injury / Tissue biomechanics
IRC-15-30 Axonal strain as brain injury predictor based on real-world head trauma simulations
D Sahoo, C Deck, R Willinger
IRC-15-31 Characterization of Differing Time-Course of Cognitive Deficits and Emotional Changes Following Rotational Traumatic Brain Injury in the Rat
B Stemper, A Shah, M Budde, R Chiariello, N Wilkins,C Olsen, P Mehta, S Kurpad, M McCrea, F Pintar
IRC-15-32 Parametric investigation of regional brain strain responses via a pre-computed atlas
W Zhao, S Ji
IRC-15-33 Ex vivo protocol to reproduce a forward fall leading to fractured and non-fractured radii
E Zapata, H Follet, D Mitton
IRC-15-34 Short communication: Feasibility of a pressure response superposition scheme in blunt head impact
W Zhao, S Ji
IRC-15-35 Short communication: Computational Analysis of White Matter Response to Rear and Lateral Impacts
M Ghajari, D Sharp
IRC-15-36 Short communication: Assessment of the ultimate strain of the hepatic capsule for the prediction of liver surface laceration
K Bruyere, A Bel-Brunon, C Jayyosi, A Chenel, M Coret, C Kahn, C Masson
Session S1-6: Spinal Injury
IRC-15-37 Consideration on Gender Difference of Whiplash Associated Disorder in Low Speed Rear Impact
Y Kitagawa, K Yamada, H Motojima, T Yasuki
IRC-15-38 Rear Impact Head and Cervical Spine Kinematics of BioRID II and PMHS in Production Seats
Y-S Kang, K Moorhouse, K Icke, J Stricklin, R Herriott, J Bolte IV
IRC-15-39 Characteristics of Dynamic Cervical Vertebral Kinematics for Female and Male Volunteers in Low-speed Rear Impact, based on Quasi-static Neck Kinematics
F Sato, T Nakajima, K Ono, M Svensson, K Kaneoka
Sessions S1-8 / S1-9 / S2-3: Vulnerable Road Users
IRC-15-43 An estimation of behaviour and severity of injury to rail passengers occupying longitudinal seats in the event of collision
K Nakai, D Suzuki, S Enami, T Okino, J Takano, R Palacin
IRC-15-44 Proposal of Simulation Method for Behaviour Analysis of Passengers on Longitudinal Seating in Railway Collision
D Suzuki, K Nakai, S Enami, T Okino, J Takano, R Palacin
IRC-15-45 Optimising the design of tramways to mitigate injury risk in pedestrian impacts
T Weber, M Muser, K-U Schmitt
IRC-15-46 Short communication: A numerical model to assess the risk of fall in public transportation - application to the influence of the Jerk in emergency braking
P Vallee, T Robert
IRC-15-47 Short communication: Comparison of novel wheelchair occupant restraint with standard occupant restraints for occupants travelling in transportation
P Harrington, G Bertocci, C Simms
IRC-15-48 Short communication: Upper Body Skeletal Posture of the Average Pedestrian Male from Upright High-Resolution X-ray Images - Comparison to the THUMS Pedestrian Model
D Subit, R Paas, B Sandoz, J Davidsson, S Laporte
IRC-15-49 Biofidelity Corridors for Whole-Body Pedestrian Impact with a Generic Buck
J Forman, H Joodaki, A Forghani, P Riley, V Bollapragada, D Lessley, B Overby, S Heltzel, J Crandall
IRC-15-50 Cyclist Crash Scenarios and Factors Relevant to the Design of Cyclist Detection Systems
A MacAlister, D Zuby
IRC-15-51 Assessment of Integrated Pedestrian Protection Systems with Forward Collision Warning and Automated Emergency Braking
N Lubbe, A Kullgren
IRC-15-52 Short communication: A Fitness Function for Vehicle Front Optimization for Pedestrian Protection Accounting for Real World Collision Configurations
G Li, J Yang, Simms C
IRC-15-62 Pedestrian Fatal Head Injury Risk as a Function of the Wrap Around Distance (WAD) and the Front Geometry of the Vehicle
R Suarez del Fueyo, M Junge, F Lopez-Valdes
IRC-15-63 Development of a Full-Body Human FE Model for Pedestrian Crash Reconstructions
Y Takahashi, H Asanuma, T Yanaoka
IRC-15-64 Which Pragmatic Finite Element Human Body Model Scaling Technique Can Most Accurately Predict Head Impact Conditions in Pedestrian-Car Crashes?
R Paas, J Osth, J Davidsson
IRC-15-65 Component-level Biofidelity Assessment of Morphed Pedestrian Finite Element Models
D Poulard, H Chen, J Crandall, T Dziewonski, M Pedzisz, M Panzer
IRC-15-66 Short communication: Specifications of a Software Framework to Position and Personalise Human Body Models
P Beillas, P Petit, S Kleiven, S Kirscht, A Chawla, E Jolivet, F Faure, N Praxl, A Bhaskar
Sessions S2-1 / S2-2: Dummy Technology / Rollover
IRC-15-53 Analysis of the Causes of Differences in Impact Responses between a Human Lower Limb and the Flexible Pedestrian Legform Impactor under Low and High Bumper Vehicle Impact Situations
T Isshiki, A Konosu, Y Takahashi
IRC-15-54 Lumped element model of THOR-NT and PMHS abdomen under seatbelt and impactor loading
R Desbats, F Bermond, S Compigne, S Nicolle, P Vezin
IRC-15-55 Comparison of HII, HIII and THOR dummy responses with respect to PMHS sled tests
J Uriot, P Potier, P Baudrit, X Trosseille, O Richard, R Douard
IRC-15-56 Short communication: Occupant Motion Tracking in Rollover using 3D Optical Systems
J Toczyski, D Lessley, Q Zhang, J Kerrigan
IRC-15-57 Comparison of Kinematic Behaviour of a First Generation Obese Dummy and Obese PMHS in Frontal Sled Tests
H Joodaki, J Forman, A Forghani, B Overby, R Kent, J Crandall, B Beahlen, M Beebe, O Bostrom
IRC-15-58 A Frontal Response Specification for Assessing the Biofidelity of an Anthropometric Test Dummy: Part 1 - Upper Body
M Lebarbe, B Donnelly, P Petit, K Moorhouse
Supplemental Material (data files) for manuscripts IRC-15-58 and IRC-15-59 > download zip-file which contains Excel tables
IRC-15-59 A Frontal Response Specification for Assessing the Biofidelity of an Anthropometric Test Dummy: Part 2 - Lower Body
M Lebarbe, B Donnelly, P Petit, K Moorhouse
Supplemental Material (data files) for manuscripts IRC-15-58 and IRC-15-59 > download zip-file which contains Excel tables
IRC-15-60 Test Methods for Occupant Safety in Heavy Truck Rollovers
B Herbst, S Forrest, S Meyer, C Clarke, L Bell, A Nelson
IRC-15-61 Short communication: Investigation of Boundary Conditions for Vehicle Rollover Simulations
D Gierczycka, D Cronin
Sessions S2-4 / S2-5: Computer Modelling / Human Body Models
IRC-15-67 Sensitivity Analysis on the Influence of Vehicle Factors on the Kinematic Response of a Mid-Sized Male Crash Dummy During a Simulation of a Controlled Rollover Crash
St Ridella, C Bojanowski
IRC-15-68 An evaluation of mass-normalization using 50th and 95th percentile human body finite element models in frontal crash
M Davis, N Vavalle, F Gayzik
IRC-15-69 Biofidelity Evaluation of a Restrained Whole Body Finite Element Model under Frontal Impact using Kinematics Data from PMHS Sled Tests
M Arun, J Humm, N Yoganandan, F Pintar
IRC-15-70 Comparison of Whole Body Kinematics between Fracture and Non-Fracture Finite Element Human Body Models during Side Impact
D Poulard, H Chen, J Crandall, T Dziewonski, M Pedzisz, M Panzer
IRC-15-71 Short communication: Active Muscles for the Implementation in Human Body Models - work in progress
S Schmitt, J Blaschke, P Bohm, C Mayer
IRC-15-72 Evaluation of the Biofidelity of Multibody Paediatric Human Models under Component-level, Blunt Impact and Belt Loading Conditions
K Rawska, T Kim, V Bollapragada, B Nie, J Crandall, T Daniel
IRC-15-73 Development and a Limited Validation of a Whole-Body Finite Element Pedestrian and Occupant Models of a 10-Year-Old Child
M Shen, F Zhu, B Jiang, V Sanghavi, H Fan, Y Cai, Z Wang, A Kalra, X Jin, C Chou, K Yang
IRC-15-74 Development of an Active 6-Year-Old Child Human Body Model for Simulation of Emergency Events
K Brolin, I Stockman, H Subramanian, L-L Gras, J Osth
IRC-15-75 Effects of Driver Attributes on Lower Abdomen Contour
M Reed, B-K Park, J Hallman
IRC-15-76 Short communication: Investigation of Human Body Model Response to Different Lateral Loading Conditions
D Gierczycka, D Cronin
Sessions S2-6 / S2-7: Blast Injury
IRC-15-77 Primary blast injury on thorax: a critical review of the studies and their outcomes
J Boutillier, C Deck, P Magnan, R Willinger, P Naz
IRC-15-78 Short communication: Investigation of Lung Response Resulting from Behind Armour Blunt Trauma Impact Scenarios
D Cronin
IRC-15-79 Short communication: Primary Blast Exposure Reduces Brain Tolerance to Subsequent Blast
G Effgen, T Ong, S Nammalwar, A Ortuno, C Bass, D Meaney, B Morrison
IRC-15-80 Short communication: Delayed inhibition of long-term potentiation in rat brain slice cultures caused by primary blast exposure
E Vogel, C Bass, D Meaney, B Morrison
IRC-15-81 Short communication: Investigation of Head Response to Blast Exposure
D Singh, D Cronin
IRC-15-82 Pelvic Response of a Total Human Body Finite Element Model During Simulated Under Body Blast Impacts
C Weaver, J Stitzel
IRC-15-83 Short communication: Human cadaveric bi-segment impact experiments at different postures
A Christou, E Spurrier, G Grigoriadis, S Masouros
IRC-15-84 Short communication: A multi-body dynamics model of the MiL-Lx surrogate for under-body blast
D Zaharie, S Masouros
IRC-15-85 Short communication: Frangible optimised lower limb surrogate for assessing injury caused by underbelly blast
C Villette, D Zaharie, A Phillips
IRC-15-86 Short communication: A Computational Model for Prediction of Lower Limb Injury in Under-Vehicle Explosions
N Newell, A Bull, S Masouros
Session S2-8: Integrated Safety / Driver Behaviour
IRC-15-87 Pre-Crash Analysis of accidents Involving Turning Trucks and Bicyclists
H Johannsen, D Otte, M Urban
IRC-15-88 A proposal for integrating pre-crash vehicle dynamics into occupant injury protection evaluation of small electric vehicles
P Ghosh, M Andersson, M Mendoza Vazquez, M Svensson, C Mayer, J Wismans
IRC-15-89 Passenger kinematics in braking, lane change and oblique driving maneuvers
P Huber, S Kirschbichler, A Pruggler, T Steidl
IRC-15-90 Rear-End Impact - Crash Prevention and Occupant Protection
L Jakobsson, M Lindman, M Bjorklund, T Victor


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