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IRCOBI - The International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury

The International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury is a leading group in the area of injury biomechanics and passive safety research. IRCOBI Council members come from all parts of the globe reflecting the international strengths of many organisations. Through the annual scientific conference, training courses and other activities, the IRCOBI Council provides an academically rigorous forum for dissemination of the latest research into injury causation and protective systems.

Since its first conference in 1973, IRCOBI has played a pioneering role in the subject and has been the forum of choice for the publication of much seminal research in injury biomechanics, field accident data, protective systems and safety legislation. While the research domain primarily concerns automotive biomechanics it is increasingly covering a wider range of injury causation. Passive safety research has provided many of the most significant safety developments in recent decades and cars now offer considerably higher levels of protection than previously. Despite the nascence of active safety systems, there are still many more opportunities for further improvements in injury prevention but further research is needed.

IRCOBI is an independent, self-financed organisation independent of other stakeholders relating to transport safety.

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